MCW Feb.'14 Meeting
Feb 11, 2014Public
Photo: Bert and Gary play photo games with MCW's new 55" TV.  Thank you, Bert, for doing the research and making the purchase (and doing the wall mounting before the next meeting).  This provides a vital improvement to our overall meeting experience.
Photo: Early birds getting ready for the action.
Photo: The Silent Auction had some nice mulberry and honey locust, among other things.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn purchased a bulk order of plastic bags like our January demonstrator, Mark Supik, uses for drying blanks and resold them to members.
Photo: Paul Simon gets into the DVD Library with the encouragement of Clif Poodry.
Photo: Bob Grudberg and Jeff Tate watch Gallery photographer Mike Colella focusing in on the item of interest.
Photo: Mike Radtke, Margaret Follas, and DuaneSchmidt are involved at the Show & Tell table.
Photo: This is only part of the crowd as President Tim Aley begins the Business Meeting.
Photo: Duane Schmidt won the Bring-Back Challenge, a nice little cherry bowl from Mark Verna, ...
Photo: ... and he is very happy with it.
Photo: Our demonstrator for the evening, Bill Peirce, brought this selection of his laminated vessels seen from the side...
Photo: ...and from the front.
Photo: Program Chair, Mike Colella, discusses a possible Workshop class with our November demonstrator, Jimmy Clewes.
Photo: Tim Aley shows two footed bowls he made from the Tudor Place oak -- one natural-ed​ge and one "regular".
Photo: Tim also made a couple bottle stoppers from the oak scraps.
Photo: Elliot Schantz made this natural-edge maple bowl...
Photo: ...which was turned on the bottom side to have wings or handles.
Photo: Mike Colella brought this spalted-box-elder deep vessel with rim and foot detail.
Photo: Making maximum use of every useful scrap of the Tudor Oak, Jeff Tate made this little bowl that beautifully highlights the spalted sapwood and the multicolored heartwood.
Photo: On his left hand, Jeff sports a ring he turned with a textured band.  In his right is a lidded vessel made from three different woods.
Photo: The body, or bowl, is ambrosia maple.
Photo: The bowl is unexpectedly light in the hand, and the bottom view reveals a surprise -- it's a hollow, water-fountain shape.
Photo: The oak lid and finial came out nicely, but Jeff questions if the oak looks good with the maple of the bowl and finial.  He thinks not, and may make a new lid.
Photo: Jeff also made this little box body from a scrap of the Tudor oak.