MCW May '11 Demo
Jun 12, 2011Public
Photo: Margaret Lospinuso is our demonstrator for the evening. She is going to talk to us about "Something new from something old". I call it "Deconstruction and reconstruction". It has to do with cutting up turnings off the lathe and reusing the pieces for sculptures or practical items. The inspiration is Steven Hogbin's 1980 book "Wood Turning: the Purpose of the Object".
Photo: Margaret brought a small selection of her regular turnings, along with some examples of items made by cutting up turned pieces.
Photo: As you can see from this beautiful bowl, Margaret is a very talented and experienced turner. She has sold a great many "normal" items over the years. Now she is having fun exploring some additional avenues.
Photo: She likes the Rubber Chuckies for holding things on the lathe.
Photo: Designing and making clocks is one simple outlet.
Photo: Unique, sculptural tea candles is an area with many possibilities. Margaret gave the attendees a chance to take some pieces and design their own. The results are at the end.
Photo: Cutting up a simple bowl can yield some nice shapes...
Photo: Another example.
Photo: Here's how this "sail" clock came from a cut-up bowl.
Photo: There are lots of design opportunities -- an aggressive angle yields an attractive result.
Photo: Another bowl cut up differently...
Photo: ...can result in an infinite variety of sculptural possibilities.
Photo: The band saw is a very dangerous tool. Keep your hands away! Margaret shows a sled for holding oddly shaped pieces safely...
Photo: ...and another view.
Photo: Here Margaret uses her virtual drill press to show how NOT to do it...
Photo: ...and here's a safe way that will also provide a good result.
Photo: A hand jig saw works great for cutting things up.
Photo: She likes the Jerry Rig for holding pieces while she works on them.
Photo: The Jerry Rig attaches to a work bench and holds a chuck.
Photo: This warped platter has caught Margaret's eye for being resurrected into new life.
Photo: Margaret is getting ready to show how to reshape the bowl segments using...
Photo: ... a lathe-mounted disc sander.
Photo: It is also possible to mount a drum sander on the lathe.
Photo: Members did their own design work by putting colored dots on the segments at locations for mounting the parts. We got some very interesting variations...