MCW Nov. '13 Meeting
Nov 10, 2013Public
Photo: It's an early holiday potluck.  A good crowd chowed down big time!  Lots of desserts!  Mmmmmmm....
Photo: Everybody brought something good.
Photo: It's a nice chance for some social time.
Photo: Matt Radtke makes good use of one of his Show & Tell pieces on a pizza.  Hey, that's what it's for!
Photo: The Silent Auction table was a little sparse but had some nice pen blanks from potentially toxic woods.  This is teaching by reverse psychology.
Photo: President Tim Aley conducts the business meeting from his iPad.  Technology rules!
Photo: New Member, Jeff Gilbert introduced himself...
Photo: did new Member, Amy Rothberg.
Photo: Matt and Mike Radtke provided this excellent, totally hand-made scratch awl for the Bring-back Challenge.
Photo: It was won by a very pleased Phil Brown.
Photo: Amy Rothberg may be new to MCW, but she's not new to turning, being a long-time CAW member.  Here she shows a lovely cherry bowl with an impressive finish.
Photo: Bob Grudberg shows his working M&M dispenser.   He had trouble finding a glass jar to use for it. ...
Photo: When he found this pickle jar, he cut a rim for the jar to sit on.
Photo: Bob also turned  a train engine that really works!
Photo: Mike Radtke made this cutting board for a mezzaluna cutter.  He says that his wife will also turn it over and chop on the flat side, as with the pizza.
Photo: Mike shows a mezzaluna (or "MonsterLuna").  His son Matt cut the steel and used it to cut pizzas earlier.
Photo: Jeff Tate shows a Christmas tree he made from found building material.
Photo: Jeff also made a French-style rolling pin for his daughter.
Photo: Jeff points out some character in the bowl that dried unevenly.
Photo: Stan Wellborn recently assisted Dick Sing in a turning class at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  The first project was turning beads... and more beads...  and more beads...
Photo: ...and then lots of coves, including some with captive rings.
Photo: One of the class projects was a clock...
Photo: ...that sits at an angle.
Photo: The class also made hollowing tools from Allen wrenches -- a very practical application, but a little torquey -- hang on tightly!