MCW Field Trip to the home of Arthur and Jane Mason - June 2009
Jun 28, 2009Public
Photo: Jane Mason greets MCW members next to the Mark Lindquist in the entryway.
Photo: Mark Lindquist -- hollowed with a chain saw.
Photo: A pair of Bob Stocksdales -- worthy of reflection.
Photo: Stephen Hogbin
Photo: Todd Hoyer
Photo: Todd Hoyer
Photo: George Peterson
Photo: Mark Sfirri
Photo: Stoney Lamar and David Ellsworth
Photo: David Ellsworth
Photo: Jane gave us an in-depth introduction to their collection.
Photo: Ed Moulthrop
Photo: Bruce Mitchell
Photo: Bill Moore
Photo: Virginia Dotson
Photo: Jim Partridge
Photo: David Ellsworth
Photo: Bill Hunter
Photo: Richard Hooper
Photo: Chicago Woodturners AAW Chapter Collaboration from the 1999 Symposium in Tacoma, WA.
Photo: Robyn Horn: one work, in two lights.
Photo: Arthur Mason with a prized Binh Pho.
Photo: Jane Mason discussing a creation by Phillip Moulthrop; top piece by Bill Hunter.
Photo: Two views: the wall display lacks scale until we see Jane putting an unusually large Bob Stocksdale bowl back on the second shelf from the top.