MCW Picnic - Sept. 2008
Sep 24, 2008Public
Photo: We parked in Kensington but quickly found ourselves in Rome!
Photo: Our hosts, Mike & Soozi
Photo: Conversation
Photo: There be dragons....
Photo: Is this a great day, or what?
Photo: Here's our "Show" table ... we didn't need the "Tell"...
Photo: Did you hear the one about...
Photo: The Colella Line running on Track 1 ... All aboard!
Photo: Don and Corinne Couchman discuss that really big bowl at the MCW Picnic.  [08.09]
Photo: The chef at work
Photo: mmmmmmmm...
Photo: Nice salad bowl!
Photo: It's chow time
Photo: Drawing for Craft Supplies gift certificates
Photo: A good time...
Photo: ...was had by all
Photo: And here we all are in Mike and Sue's garden.  [08.09]