MCW Jan. '08 Gallery
Apr 28, 2016Public
Photo: Here they are as a group on the Show & Tell table.
Photo: Eliot Feldman 4" x 3" thin cup with piercing [cherry]
Photo: Stan Sherman 4"x5" bark-edge bowl [crabapple]
Photo: Stan Sherman 4"x7" bowl [spalted hickory]
Photo: Stan Sherman 3"x5" and 3"x4" bowls [apple]
Photo: Stan Sherman 4"x4" bowl [walnut]
Photo: Clif Poodry 9"x3" coffee cup sheath [oak, stained red] 
The plans are in the current issue of American Woodturner
Photo: David Jacobowitz 6"x6" segmented vessel [bocote with red veneer]
Photo: Michael Blake tool handles [various woods]
Photo: Richard Webster 9"x4" natural-side hollow vessel [boxwood]
Photo: Richard Webster 5"x10" natural-edge bowl [spalted red maple]
Photo: Stuart Glickman 4"x5" "basket of illusion" [cherry]