MCW July 2011 Meeting
Jul 17, 2011Public
Photo: President Bert Bleckwenn talks with new memeber Tom Coker before the meeting.
Photo: Richard Webster makes sure the show and tell table sign in goes smoothly.
Photo: Gary Nickerson checks in his items for the Show and Tell table.
Photo: Gary Guenther points out the part of his ball that was "not my fault".  He also showed his home made sanding golf glove.
Photo: Don Van Ryk talks about his Banksipod that he made from the pod he purchased during the demo.
Photo: Gary Nickerson showed the many things that he made at the Richard Raffan class at Craft Supplies.
Photo: Mike Twenty shows his banksia pod vase.
Photo: Mike's shows his rockin' box.
Photo: Mike brought in handles in the Mark St. Ledger style.
Photo: Bill Long showed one of his first projects was a handle for his gouge. He couldn't decided how big he would need so he made several handholds.
Photo: Bill Long talks about his rough turned bowl and it's "natural edge" from being a hollow log.
Photo: Jerry Kaplan with is large manzanita burl hollow form.
Photo: Jerry and his 3 manzanita burl hollow forms that were made from an MCW group buy.
Photo: Bob Grudberg shows off his open segmented bowl.
Photo: Richard Webster shows off his natural edge hollow form made from yew.
Photo: Tim Aley displayed his stick in the ground wine glasses.  He got the idea a while ago while read blogs and finally got to make them.
Photo: Tim Aley talks about the catalog for the Turning 25 display that we contributed our "cake" to.  This will be in the MCW Library for people to check out.
Photo: Winged boxes made by our demonstrator Don Riggs.
Photo: The evening's photographers Tim, Gary and Hal watch the demo looking for the right shot. Thanks to the 4th photographer Stuart for not always looking where everyone else is looking.
Photo: Program chair Gary Guenther gives his "Safety First" segment before his introduction of the evening's demonstrator Don Riggs.