MCW Mar. '16 Meeting
Mar 19, 2016Public
Photo: Jim Allison is trucking ST&A pieces for Mike Colella to shoot for the Gallery, but he spies the cookies that Tim Aley brought!
Photo: Videographer for the evening, Bert Bleckwenn, discusses the planned imagery with demonstrator Mark St. Leger, as Eliot Feldman kibitzes.
Photo: President Emeritus, Gary Guenther, welcomes Bruce Bucklin to the meeting.
Photo: Demo Fee Cashier and Bring-back Challenge raffle ticket minder Bob Grudberg relaxes between clients while Treasurer Phil Brown and Newsletter Editor Bill Long do their paperwork.
Photo: Phil Brown brought some freshly cut, beautifully processed,  and sealed pieces for the Silent Auction.  He got them at a site recently highlighted on our Freewood opt-in email group.
Photo: New Lending Librarian, John Laffan, gets some tips from previous Lending Librarian, Clif Poodry, as others take note of the action or sign in pieces for ST&A.
Photo: Our Lending Library has books, magazines, VHS tapes, and many DVDs, available for you to check out for the paltry fee of $2 for the month.
Photo: In President Ellen Davis' absence this evening, VP Bob Anderson runs the business meeting from Ellen's printed agenda.
Photo: Matt Radtke's Bring-back is a nice pen -- won by a pleased Jeff Tate.
Photo: Gary Guenther presents outgoing Lending Librarian with a Certificate of Appreciation for his nine years doing the job (and setting a record for the longest running volunteer).  Thanks, Clif, for a job very well done.
Photo: Wounded Warrior Program Director Don Van Ryk discusses details of the new Program he has worked hard to establish with Walter Reed, in the wake of the previous one being shut down.  Because of Don's tireless efforts, and continuing cooperation from the Woodworkers Club, MCW will be able to continue to offer this important craft outreach to our very deserving injured troops.
Photo: VP Bob is hard at it and doing a great job of guiding the meeting through the extensive agenda.
Photo: Phil Brown is also the Leader of a new Exhibit opportunity that opened up at NIH due to contacts with them made by Clif Poodry and Stan Wellborn.  Phil is taking care of logistics for collecting pieces to put in the display cases.  Please consider loaning some of your works for this important community outreach to show what woodturners do in general, and what MCW members do in particular.
Photo: MCW Beads of Courage Program Director, Jeff Tate, asks for people to sign up to donate "boxes" (lidded bowls) to Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology for the youth patients to use to store their strings of beads obtained the hard way through numerous scary and difficult procedures that are part of their therapy.
Photo: Funny looking dominoes!  WWC set up a game, and Stan played.  I think he won!  No one was injured in the filming of this game.
Photo: Bill Long shows his large poplar burl bowl.
Photo: Bill complained that it was a little plain for a burl but looks very interesting from here.  His question was about what's the best way to remove the bottom material in a deep vessel like that.
Photo: Tim Aley shows an oak plate he made from a friends tree.
Photo: Jeff Tate has been in the box making mode.
Photo: Jeff shows the bead on the black cherry lid of the spalted oak base.
Photo: Jeff talks about the fit of the lid of his sycamore Beads of Courage box.
Photo: He needs to get it a little looser.
Photo: Jeff shows the bottom of his acorn box...
Photo: ...and here's the cap.