MCW January 09 Meeting
Jan 11, 2009Public
Photo: Mark Supik mounts a nice, green walnut log between centers in the end-grain orientation
Photo: Mark begins roughing with a Oneway 1/2" bowl gouge in a personally turned, wooden handle.
Photo: Flattening the top side
Photo: Screwing a faceplate to the bottom side
Photo: Showing the orientation of the to-be bowl in the partly-turned blank
Photo: Hollowing the inside of the bowl. You have to cut the bark from the outside in, or it will be ripped off, but you want to hollow from inside out (in order to cut "with the grain" -- leaving longer fibers underneath for support), so you'll do both and meet in a transition zone a comfortable distance under all of the cambium layer.
Photo: The walls are only about 1/8" thick, and they will distort and waver. Mark uses his left-hand fingers as a bowl steady while cutting very carefully with the bowl gouge with his right hand. (Practice one-handed turing on scrap until you get the hang of it.)
Photo: The bowl portion is done, and Mark is now turning down the base to leave a nice foot.
Photo: Parting off with the right hand while preparing to make the catch with his left
Photo: The disconnect!
Photo: The catch! Note Mother Nature's amazing design work on that heartwood, sapwood, and bark edge.
Photo: Appreciating the beautiful result... well done!
Photo: Voila. A lovely form. Note the nice ogee shape of the rim and the foot detail. Great work, Mark -- thanks a lot for showing us some new tricks.