MCW Mar. '15 Meeting
Mar 19, 2015Public
Photo: Matt Radtke gets ready to mic Mike.
Photo: Treasurer, Phil Brown, collected the demo fees and gave out dots.
Photo: Clif Poodry shares a discussion with demonstrator Mike Sorge, as Mike Colella looks on.
Photo: Mike Colella models a seriously nice white oak hat that he turned, being inspired by the recent Jimmy Clewes demo.
Photo: Mike Sorge brought a wide variety of his geometric turnings, including bowls and boxes in squares, triangles, and diamonds (as well as a couple hearts).
Photo: Mike sells an array of plastic templates for his various geometric shapes.  He was kind enough to donate two to MCW for us to raffle off, along with some T.Y. oils.
Photo: A group of about 35 is into the Business Meeting.
Photo: President Gary Guenther is enjoying something while going through his Business Meeting Agenda.  The mic is working well with the gain turned up.
Photo: Guests Sue Krebs-Smith and Jim Smith introduced themselves.
Photo: Guest Harry Monocrusuc  also greeted the group.
Photo: Gary talks about the T.Y. organic finishing oil that Mike brought.  This blend of drying flaxseed and shea oils is food safe and has no VOCs. The Woodworkers Club now has it for sale.
Photo: MCW Librarian Clif Poodry discusses the availability of books and DVDs, including ones from our previous meetings.
Photo: Discount Deacon Steve Drake reminded everyone that the April 1 member list is the one that will be sent to Hartville Tool and to Craft Supplies for people to qualify for discounts on purchases.
Photo: Joe Barnard discusses the carving on his osage orange bowl.
Photo: The plain interior is a nice contrast.
Photo: Tim Aley juggles the three small oak bowls he brought to show.
Photo: This is a very ambitious job of decorating on this box elder bowl.  Unfortunately it was thin enough that he got some dreaded bleedthrough.
Photo: Mike Colella first shows an interesting flying saucer bowl in paulownia.
Photo: Then like a magician, he starts pulling things out of his hat -- in this case, more hats!
Photo: Will it stay?
Photo: Yes it will!  Mike Sorge enjoys seeing Mike Colella showing his oak and maple turned hats, large and small.
Photo: Mike pulls out a decorated one.  He'll be selling these at is booth at the Renaissance Festival in the Fall.  They should go like hotcakes!
Photo: Eliot Feldman made a hollowform in a hollow form from cherry and mahogany and challenged the audience to figure out how he made it.  Nobody did!
Photo: Tina Chisena took this Mark Gardner multi-axis bowl to a new level with carving inside...