MCW Aug '13 Program
Aug 27, 2013Public
Photo: Ed begins his demo to a full house, as Bert handles the video.  Thanks to Mike Colella for donating an LCD monitor just in time because our old CRT model died.
Photo: We make a lot of salad bowls, so it's only appropriate to make some salad servers, such as this design by Stephen Hogbin.
Photo: They're made in multiples of two or four by band sawing an appropriately-shaped turning.
Photo: This set of four was made from a single turning of one branch section.
Photo: The spoon bowls can be either turned or carved.
Photo: They can also be carved or decorated.
Photo: A good rasp can be an excellent tool to aid in shaping.
Photo: A thumb guard helps keep blood off the wood.
Photo: A slip stone is very important for sharpening.
Photo: Ed starts by roughing a common branch...
Photo: ...into an appropriate form.  Note that Ed is wearing appropriate safety gear in the form of a face shield.
Photo: Adding design details.
Photo: Over to the band saw.  It's good to do this before the handle gets too thin.
Photo: More turning is done on the individual servers to refine the size and shape of the handle after sawing.
Photo: Another view for perspective.
Photo: Before and after second turning.