MCW June '13 Meeting
Jun 22, 2013Public
Photo: Bob Browning signs in his French rolling pin for Show & Tell.
Photo: It's Phil Brown's birthday so Tim got him a cake.  Tim thinks the crown that Amy provided is fitting too.
Photo: Amy thinks it's perfect, and Phil is a good sport...
Photo: ...but Phil thinks it looks better...
Photo: ...on Amy!
Photo: Phil got some small pieces of the 220-year-old white oak from Tudor Place, a National Historic Landmark in Georgetown, for members to turn into bowls that the Foundation can sell or use for presentations.  The 5-foot diameter tree was leaning dangerously and had to be taken down last month.
Photo: The "rolling pin challenge" was obviously a big hit with members, as these items dominated the Show & Tell table.
Photo: The Silent Auction included some of the remaining items from David Jacobowitz.
Photo: Thanks to Hal Burdette for stepping in to shoot the Gallery.
Photo: Allan Starr lucked out and won the highly-coveted chip-carved bowl from Margaret Follas in the Bring-back Challenge.
Photo: Kicking off Show & Tell, Rebecca Meyerson shows off the great grain in her bocote fountain pen.
Photo: She also made a rolling pin.
Photo: Rebecca is working on toys for her toddler niece. Here she turned the three little pigs.
Photo: She worked on duplication and a little off center turning to keep a flat side.
Photo: Steve Drake described the difficulties involved in turning a cane and keeping it straight.
Photo: Bob Grudberg got into the rolling pin challenge BIG time!
Photo: Bob then shows off this beautiful mahogany segmented bowl.
Photo: Bob also made a triangular bowl from a laminated cube...
Photo: this second one, that he graciously donated to some lucky person...
Photo: Gary Guenther, who took Bob up on his offer to "try this yourself" and took the block home with him.  Gary points out one of the two holding positions Bob flattened on opposing corners.
Photo: Duane Schmidt talks about his sphere experiment after watching the Hosaluk demo.
Photo: Paul Mazzi talks about his rolling pin in apricot.
Photo: Gary Guenther shows the similarity of his French style rolling pin and Tim Aley's.  Both did independent internet research and determined this was a popular shape and size.  Gary's is the variegated padauk and Tim's is maple.
Photo: And here's Tim with his maple French rolling pin.