MCW August '11 Demo
Aug 27, 2011Public
Photo: Keith Tompkins cleared the way before he started his demo, just in case the rectangular board comes out from between centers.
Photo: Keith starts off explaining what he will be demonstrating.
Photo: He first squares up the base.
Photo: He continues his cut until it clear he is past the end, just a little more to go.
Photo: Keith makes a tenon for the jaws to grasp when he turns it around.  He shows his jig for measuring the tenon size.
Photo: Here he has made the tenon.  This could also be used for expansion griping jaws as well.
Photo: Keith marks where the bowl will be.
Photo: He turns the board around and tightens the jaws.
Photo: He starts hollowing out the bowl portion.
Photo: Getting close to the full size of the bowl.
Photo: Keith uses many ways to explain what he is doing.  Here he explains with his fingers and behind him is the board that he used a lot to explain and diagram his ideas.
Photo: He adds a decorative bead to define the line between the bowl and the wings.
Photo: Here he flattening the top and...
Photo: ... cleans the line up to the bead.
Photo: Keith is a great teacher and always takes the time to answer questions.
Photo: He shapes the jam chuck so that he can turn the bowl around and finish turning the bottom.
Photo: Here he explains how the jam chuck fits by resting on the outer edge of the bowl, just inside the beads.  He is marking where the tailstock holds the bottom of the bowl.
Photo: Keith will carve the piece so that the ends of the board hold the bowl off the ground.  He marked with the black line where he does not want to cut while turning.
Photo: He clears out more material and forms the outside bowl shape.
Photo: Throughout the demo Keith demonstrated his Ten Essential Cuts and....
Photo: ... with the help of Mark Verna on camera, the cuts were shown up-close.
Photo: The bowl takes shape.
Photo: Keith cuts off nib to show that the bowl will hover above the table.
Photo: Keith is done with the turning at this point.