MCW May '10 Meeting - Kaplan Collection
Jun 1, 2010Public
Photo: Rhapsody in Red -- an amazing turned (yes, that's right, TURNED) piece by Jerry Bennett, viewed by Bob Brulotte. There are 7000 turned segments in this sculpture.
Photo: A turned and pierced hat by Richard Morris.
Photo: A turned and carved tree by T. Reuschke.
Photo: Box by Hans Weissflog
Photo: Nested natural-edge bowls by Mike Mahoney and one of Phil Brown's signature "flares".
Photo: Top left: Paul Fennell; Top right: Christian Burchard; Middle left: Jerry Kaplan; Middle middle: collaboration with Bob Rosanne and a fiber artist; Middle right: Ron Flemming; Lower left: Clay Foster; Chair by Tommy Simpson.
Photo: A Norfolk Island Pine hollow form turned and carved by Holland Van Gores.
Photo: A whimsical banana by Michelle Holzapfel.
Photo: Glass by William Morris.
Photo: One of Christian Burchard's new madrone sculptures
Photo: Paul Simon views an impressive wooden sculpture by Christine Federici.
Photo: Many of Jerry and Deena's acquisitions are very whimsical. This bird is by Arnie Auchler.
Photo: Trump l'oeil chair by John Cederquist.