MCW February 09 Meeting
Feb 15, 2009Public
Photo: Silent Auction -- that's some nice bubinga blocks
Photo: Our new still photographer, Hal Burdette
Photo: Some action on the S&T table
Photo: Newsletter Editor Mike Blake taking notes
Photo: Webmaster Bert Bleckwenn discussing the Walter Reed initiative
Photo: Our new Group Buys volunteer, Stan Wellborn
Photo: Our demonstrator for the evening, our own Ed Karch, prepares to teach us about "Earth, Bleach, and Fire"
Photo: Ed discusses decorating woodturnings in terms of his bogolon and decorative traditions in Mali
Photo: An example of the use of masking with clay and burning
Photo: Burning out growth rings with a torch, after bleaching
Photo: Applying a pattern with a clay mixture with a carefully-selected squeezable mustard container
Photo: Fire in the hole
Photo: Washing off the clay to reveal the pattern
Photo: Painting on some black gesso and hide glue for the application of...
Photo: ...egg shells, ala Clay Foster
Photo: Drilling holes for staples
Photo: Staples of iron, copper, brass, or other materials can be added as decorations