MCW Aug '10 Meeting
Aug 25, 2010Public
Photo: Show & Tell table
Photo: Tips 'n' Tools "demo" table
Photo: One Silent Auction table...
Photo: ...another Silent Auction table
Photo: Members are signing up to demo at the Renwick
Photo: Hal Burdette shooting the Gallery
Photo: Members listening to President Bert Bleckwenn's announcements
Photo: Bert at work
Photo: New member Steve DiBenedetto
Photo: Phil Brown showing an idea for a Chapter Celebration piece
Photo: Pothead hat
Photo: Phil wearing pothead hat
Photo: Gary Guenther with "Catch the Wind" -- maple trees in a dogwood branch
Photo: Gary Guenther with "Mushkins" -- multi-axis maple mushrooms on oak bark
Photo: Gary Guenther with two weed pots -- the first two pieces he ever turned, years ago.
Photo: Dick Webster with a natural-edge oak "platter"
Photo: Michael Colella showing a partly-hollowed dogwood vase
Photo: Tim Aley with bottle stoppers
Photo: Tim Aley with a natural=edge apricot bowl
Photo: Tim Aley showing an oak crotch winged bowl
Photo: Doug Pearson with a large red oak bowl
Photo: Doug Pearson showing his red oak "doughnut" vessel
Photo: Elliot Schantz showing a small cedar bowl
Photo: Elliot Schantz with a small cherry bowl