MCW Feb. '12 Demo
Feb 25, 2012Public
Photo: Gary Guenther, Program Chair and moderator for the evening, started by introducing the members participating and encouraged all members to ask questions and contribute.
Photo: Bill Long starts off the discussion asking the question of "How do I sell my woodturning"?  Members are reading an outline of topics on selling woodturning that Gary had just passed out.
Photo: Richard Webster talked about his open house and inviting a select list of guests.  He also mentioned that he has an "angel" that has purchased at least one of everything he makes.
Photo: A great turnout for this meeting, and everyone seemed very engaged in the topic.
Photo: Mike Colella talked about his recent experiences.  He commented that the venue makes a big difference.  He has been at farmers markets and museums over the last year and different things sell at different places.
Photo: Clif Poodry commented that he first started selling at Club Shows and has sold at many different venues and likes to talk to customers.  He commented that it is the wood that sells.  Often a well-turned bowl of a bland wood will just sit there.
Photo: Phil Brown closed out the evening saying that he does not like craft shows.  He often displays in galleries but has not sold much in 2 years.   He has had better luck in one-on-one sales.  He has made many contacts through his connections at the Renwick Alliance.