MCW April '11 Demo
Apr 23, 2011Public
Photo: Gary Guenther introduces Allen Alexopulos and his demonstration of how to turn Banksia pods.
Photo: Here is a good example of what the pods look like and what we hope to turn them into.
Photo: Allen shows what he is going to make.
Photo: Allen explains the characteristics of the pods. There were many questions about what they are.
Photo: He came prepared with a visual syllabus of the turning steps.
Photo: Allen was picking debris out of the holes with a dental pick. When the pod has dried, the seeds fall out. What is left needs to come out.
Photo: When setting a drive center use a mallet, not the tail stock.
Photo: Mounting the pod between centers. He tightened the tail stock gently, after his drive center was already set.
Photo: Usually during a demo he doesn't wear a dust mask, so that he can be heard, but he was convinced by safety-conscious members to wear one. He was loud and clear.
Photo: Allen scooped up some of the red fuzz so that all could see what comes off the pod and gets all over the shop!
Photo: Good seats were hard to come by.
Photo: He first turns it round and ...
Photo: ... then turns a tenon to put into the chuck he is holding.
Photo: Here he shows the groove he made for the chuck to grab.  The tenon is the larger dovetail, so...
Photo: ... he cuts off the excess that will otherwise bottom out inside the chuck.
Photo: Allen turns the pod around, puts it in the chuck, and starts to shape it.
Photo: Here the neck has received its shape.
Photo: Next, he rough shaped the base...
Photo: give it that gentle curve.
Photo: Allen uses a parting tool to cut the top flat.
Photo: He then cleans the rim with a skew and marks the center with a little hole so that...
Photo: ... the drill bit has a starting spot.
Photo: Before he started drilling with a bit in a Jacobs chuck, he measured the length of the bit, and it was just the distance he wanted to go.
Photo: He starts hollowing with a Bob Rosand bent hollower.