MCW Forest Friends Festival @ Brookside Gardens
Apr 28, 2013Public
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn starts turning a mushroom.
Photo: Bert nearing the end of the of a mushroom.
Photo: Some visitors took the "please touch" sign a little farther than others.
Photo: Phil Brown makes mini bowls with Bert on the other lathe.
Photo: The sales table with several bowl from Phil.
Photo: The booth at the Forest Friends Festival.
Photo: Phil shaping his mini bowl.
Photo: A birdhouse top about to be parted off.
Photo: Clif Poodry joins the fun and making some tops for the kids.
Photo: Clif's tops were very popular!
Photo: Father and son on dueling lathes.
Photo: There was always a lot of activity.
Photo: Emily Koo making the ribbons fly.
Photo: Emily with more ribbons!
Photo: Elliot Shantz and Tina Chisena were there for support and here Elliot gives Emily some pointers.
Photo: Some of the other things to see at the festival were the bucket trucks, ...
Photo: ... pretty flowers and insects, ...
Photo: ... climb a tree, ...
Photo: ... or just watch the bees.