MCW Mar. '07 Meeting
Aug 27, 2009Public
Photo: President Phil Brown leads the Business Meeting.  Don Couchman smiles in the back row, next to his SIL Tim Aley.   [07.03]
Photo: Vice President Clif Poodry MCs the Show & Tell table and discusses his own covered burl bowl.
Photo: A rapt audience listens to David Jacobowitz describe his laminated vessel.
Photo: Mike Vore with a vase and glass flower.  On the table are a Rude Osolnik original candle stick and a pair of replicas.  The large hollow form is by Eliot Feldman, and the platter with lotus finial is by Gary Guenther.
Photo: Pat Taylor with his ambrosia maple bowl. David Jacobowitz, Clif Poodry, Mike Vore, and Richard Webster look on.
Photo: Bill Casson shows a small bowl...
Photo: ...and another with different wood and a different shape.
Photo: A slightly out of focus Stan Sherman shows one of his magnificent segmented vessels.
Photo: Stuart Glickman made a rectangular box with a lid cut from a board he turned arcs on with the lathe.
Photo: Demonstrator for the evening, and MCW Treasurer and Webmaster, Doug Pearson, discusses "Surface Treatments and Other Enhancements".
Photo: It incorporates color, burning, texture, and gold leafing.
Photo: Here is a similar shape in a brighter color.
Photo: Many interesting shapes, colors, and surface treatments.  These pieces are even more impressive in person.
Photo: Extreme decoration!  This interesting piece was literally burned in a fireplace, and salvaged as an afterthought... art moment.  Many thanks to Doug for a most interesting presentation.
Photo: A closeup of the table. That blue hollow form is nothing short of gorgeous.  The piece on the near left is a log hollowed by Mother Nature.
Photo: The covered vessel on the right graced the cover of the Winter 2007 issue of Woodturning Design magazine.
Photo: A closeup from the other side.