MCW May '15 Meeting
May 16, 2015Public
Photo: Imelda Rocha and Jim Allison have fun setting up the photo tent monster.
Photo: Russ Iler pays his demo fee and gets a Bring-back Challenge raffle ticket from Collector Bob Grudberg.
Photo: Demonstrator Michael Mocho has his tool table all set and ready to go.  The plastic pipe handles are great for traveling.  The tools reverse and go inside for transport.
Photo: The two El(l)iots chat with Newsletter Editor Bill Long.
Photo: President Gary Guenther gets the Business Meeting going.
Photo: Tiberiu "Dan" Onuta introduces himself as a Guest and left as a new Member.  He was a good student at Skills Enhancement the next day too.  Welcome Dan.
Photo: Michael Mocho draws the winning Bring-back raffle ticket from Steve Drake.  The elegant box made by Clif Poodry was won by a very pleased Richard Webster.
Photo: Discount Deacon Steve Drake talks about the details of the revised Hartville discount.
Photo: Eliot Feldman, a member of the Washington ArtWorks co-op studio describes the operation and our invitation to exhibit there in August.
Photo: Rebecca Meyerson stepped up and agreed to lead our new Washington Artworks Project.  Thanks Rebecca!
Photo: Benji Omisore invites everyone to his first art show -- at Culture Coffee, located at 709 Kennedy St., N.W., Washington, DC 20011.  The show consists of a variety of wood carvings and sculptures.  Congrats, Benji!
Photo: Rebecca begins Show Tell & Ask with images of pens she doesn't have any more.  Cool!
Photo: Phil Brown brought this large box elder salad bowl with an epoxy finish.
Photo: Jim Allison with his nice cherry bowl.
Photo: Jim is donating this walnut, cherry, and maple lidded bowl to our Beads of Courage Program.
Photo: Bob Grudberg likes to make 3-sided bowls from cubes, like this one of segmented walnut.
Photo: Tonight, he's going to reach into his bag of tricks...
Photo: ...and show us a sequence of intermediate steps demonstrating how he does it.  It starts with a cube with slightly flattened corners held between centers.
Photo: Here's block 2 with the first cut to separate the foot from the bowl.
Photo: This is block 2 sitting on block 1.
Photo: Block 3 is now on the pile, and Bob holds block 4, with the hollowed foot and bowl, with an intact center support.  So that's how it's done!  Thanks, Bob, for the instructive sequence.
Photo: Thanks to Margaret Lospinuso, Chesapeake Woodturners member and good friend of MCW, for volunteering to lead our Show Tell & Ask session.  Here she brings Bob Grudberg's Beads of Courage donation -- a segmented, walnut, lidded bowl to him...
Photo: ...and shows the inside where Bob included a descriptive sheet.
Photo: Dick Webster is donating this textured/pigmented, lidded cherry bowl to Beads of Courage.