MCW Jan. '12 Meeting
Jan 16, 2012Public
Photo: Gallery photographer Mike Collela behind the lens where he feels very comfortable.
Photo: Phil Brown sets up the silent auction table.
Photo: Show & Tell panelist Steve Keeble shows Mark Verna examples of his wood art collection both virtual on his ipad and physical with those on the table.
Photo: These three pieces were brought for display by Panelist Steve Keeble.  All were turned, but with different objectives and inspirations.  From left to right.  Bert Marsh (a recently deceased UK turner): a "simple" form with great proportions; turned very thin; like Stocksdale, he focuses on how to orient/show off the material.  David Ellsworth: from his "Black Pot Dawn" series; wonderful turning; inspired by pottery both in form and decoration, but wood still prominent.  Rolly Munro (a New Zealand maker): made of pohutukawa wood (New Zealand "Christmas Tree"); turned and carved; highly decorated; strong narrative foundation in NZ culture.
Photo: Panelist and potter, Ingrid Barnes, brought three diverse examples of her work for display.
Photo: Panelists Lynda Smith-Bugge and Ingrid D. Barnes preview the Show & Tell objects as Bill Long checks in his Show and Tell piece.
Photo: Lynda and Ingrid compare notes on Mark Verna's red oak natural-edge bowl with spalted sap wood.
Photo: Jack Enders pays his dues to membership director Bill Autry.
Photo: Jeff Tate starts the year off right by becoming the newest member of MCW.
Photo: Mike Colella and Clif Poodry share a laugh before the meeting starts.
Photo: Outgoing MCW President Bert Bleckwenn presides over his last meeting.
Photo: MCW founder and President Emeritus Phil Brown gives a friendly appeal to members to volunteer to be president as outgoing president Bert Bleckwenn looks on.
Photo: Phil Brown's speech worked and Bill Long volunteered to be president and ...
Photo: ... is elected by unanimous concent of the membership as the 3rd president of MCW.
Photo: Gary Guenther presents outgoing president Bert Bleckwenn with Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service to MCW.
Photo: New Newsletter Editor, Mark Verna enjoys a joke at the meeting.
Photo: Don Van Ryk informs membership about the potential resumption of the Wounded Warrior Project and the need for volunteers to sign up to help out the warriors.
Photo: Table one ready for critique and closely followed by...
Photo: .... table 2.