MCW and Chesapeake Woodturners Oct. '14 visit to Fleur Bresler's
Nov 19, 2014Public
Photo: Montgomery County 
Woodturners and Chesapeake Woodturners were privileged to share an invitation to visit the home and expanded collections of Fleur Bresler on Sunday, October 19.  Here is a typical scene as we enter Fleur's home.  We know we're in the right place!
Photo: Fleur greeted our party of 34 members of Montgomery County Woodturners and Chesapeake Woodturners and talked about how she became a collector.
Photo: This is the wall to Fleur's right in the previous photo.
Photo: She has followed the development of many of today's top turners and has pieces from throughout their careers.
Photo: That's a Phil Brown "Flare" in the middle of the top shelf.
Photo: Vicky Guenther converses with "Fleur", by Liam O'Neill, in the wonderfully spacious new section of Fleur's expanded collections.
Photo: Liam roughed this large oak burl on a lathe in Ireland and completed the sanding and finishing of this sculpture at the Woodworkers Club in Rockville, MD prior to installation.  In "Fleur's" hands is one of Liam's signature lidded boxes ("containers") in a spalted wood, carefully proportioned for this piece, with the rims accented with a complementary wood.  Isn't she beautiful?
Photo: A classic Stoney Lamar floor sculpture.
Photo: And smaller, but classic Stoney Lamar forms...
Photo: Stoney Lamar
Photo: You could look at this amazing Mark Sfirri screen for hours.
Photo: A full-sized Mark Sfirri "figure" stands just to our right of the screen.
Photo: A smaller Mark Sfirri 'figure' and candlesticks
Photo: Mark Sfirri humor
Photo: Binh Pho
Photo: Stoney Lamar (?)
Photo: Bud Latven
Photo: A brilliant sculpture by Hap Sakwa.  This piece has so many ideas in it that we could all pursue individually.
Photo: Todd Hoyer and Hayley Smith collaboration
Photo: Ron Layport: Wolf Spirit
Photo: David Ellsworth.  Who said cracks are bad?
Photo: Philip Moulthrop, twigs in resin.