MCW Dec '10 Meeting
Dec 24, 2010Public
Photo: Members gather to listen to President Bert Bleckwenn's announcements.
Photo: Newly elected AAW Director Stan Welborn signs in his Show & Tell pieces.
Photo: The Show & Tell table.
Photo: Tonight's demonstrator, Vice President Clif Poodry, brought his own items for display.
Photo: The Silent Auction has a couple nice ambrosia maple logs donated by Wood ID Guru Ed Karch.
Photo: Photographers Mike Colella and Hal Burdette take the Gallery shots, aided by Don Van Ryk.
Photo: Secretary Tim Aley is guiding the effort to create a joint MCW piece for the AAW 25th Anniversary Celebration.
Photo: Program Chair Gary Guenther requests sign-ups for the January Critique session while President Bert Bleckwenn looks on.
Photo: New member Mary Beardsley looks on.
Photo: Mike Colella's friend Mike Ryan.
Photo: We welcome guest Mike Kugelman.
Photo: Two raffles -- one for the "Bring Back" challenge, and one for the ornaments graciously donated last month by demonstrator Bob Rosand.
Photo: Mary Beardsley does the drawing for the raffles.
Photo: Starting the Show & Tell period, Tim Aley shows three nested ambrosia maple bowls that he cored from one log obtained in a previous Silent Auction supplied by Ed Karch...
Photo: ... and another highly ambrosia'd bowl.
Photo: Tim also made a birdhouse ornament in the vein of Bob Rosand's demonstration last month.
Photo: Gary Guenther with an osage orange weed pot, literally made from a piece of firewood, in a design based on a ceramic piece by Hans Coper.
Photo: In conjunction with tonight's demonstration of small boxes by Clif Poodry, Gary Guenther brought a small "Saturn" box made as a demo piece by Hans Weissflog at the AAW Hartford Symposium...
Photo: ...and also a small "drunken" box by Hans Weissflog, with a very intriguing and unexpected grain match.
Photo: Carl Powell shows two miniatures bound for the AAW Celebration piece -- a Rude Osolnik candlestick and a David Ellsworth vessel.
Photo: Mike Colella presents his white pine bowl...
Photo: ...and his cherry bowl.
Photo: Mike also made a walnut and cherry tree ornament.
Photo: Stan Welborn brought a couple of hollow vessels in the shapes of gourds, made from aspen and spalted/figured maple.