MCW Nov. '11 Meeting
Nov 22, 2011Public
Photo: President Bert Bleckwenn conducts the business meeting.
Photo: Michael Blake makes a motion to make Lou Berson an honorary member.  It passed unanimously.
Photo: Stan Wellborn shares an old (2003) article about member Richard Webster.
Photo: A collection of wood delivered from Florida for exchange, and a collection of pens for the troops.
Photo: Hal Burdette photographing the Show & Tell table.
Photo: The Silent Auction table fills up.
Photo: Richard Webster talks about his happy accident clock.
Photo: Phil Brown shows an example of a bowl with the crotch feather down the side of his bowl.  He later used it as a prop for his part of the demo.
Photo: Phil shows another bowl with the grain pattern from the crotch along the side of the bowl.
Photo: Phil's vortex bowl shows the feather pattern along the face of the bowl.
Photo: Stan Wellborn talks about one of the three cherry vessels he brought in.
Photo: Tim Aley talks about the shape of the bowl.
Photo: Tim talks about how the wings moved a little too much during turning.
Photo: Bill Long shows a small vessel he is working on.
Photo: Bill shows a roughed out vessel that moved too much to final turn.
Photo: Bill Long talks about the issues of making a matching set of bowls.
Photo: MCW guest and new honorary member Lou Berson, of the Gold Coast woodturners, shows some local Florida wood.
Photo: The two local woods that he was showing off were Norfolk Island pine and Cuban Mahogany.
Photo: Bob Grudberg shows off his segmented urn and said that he found an easy way to turn threads, ...
Photo: ... by getting a pvc joint and turning it down until it fits in his turning.
Photo: Gary Nickerson talked about the cherry boxes that he made.  He put felt on the inside to protect the contents.