MCW Nov. '11 Demo
Nov 22, 2011Public
Photo: The November's demo was "From Tree to Lathe".  The presentations were in the round.   Topic #1  Mark Verna – How to Sharpen and Use Chain Saws Safely & Effectively.
Photo: The first step is to read the manual, the whole manual!
Photo: Mark uses his Charlie Brown tree to show how and where to cut on a tree.  He also used the 1/2 a log below it to talk about cuts better for your saw.
Photo: Mark is demoing how tight the chain should be.   He has blue tape on the part of the saw that should never cut wood.    This is where kickback can occur.
Photo: The format of the demo is for everyone to add information if they have some.  Mark was talking about sharpening the chain and Phil Brown pointed out if you sharpen below the depth gauge it will not cut and you need a new chain.
Photo: Mark talked about a back saver with Lockhart's firewood gripper that gives you a handle to carry the log.  Phil demos a cant that will easily move a log from one place to another.
Photo: Phil Brown started his segment of the demo titled How to See and Find Pieces in the Log.   Here he shows how he gets the grain pattern on the right, by positioning his bowls edge near the pith or edge as the yellow forms show.
Photo: Here Phil shows an example of how the bowl was in the log.
Photo: Here he talks about several things.  The right is another version of the bowl down the side of the pith.  The bottom is how to cut a crotch for the best results.   And the top left is the feather effect that you are looking for.  He also said that if you see a growth below the sides of the crotch, it probably isn't worth cutting.
Photo: Phil's bowl shows the crotch feathering along with some spalting and bug holes.
Photo: This is where the piths were that he lined up and cut straight down the pith.
Photo: Sometimes what you want is only on one side of the log.  Phil positions his bowl to get the maximum out of the log.  He gets the whole side of the bowl with spalt and makes the bowl as big as possible by using the whole log diameter.  Notice that the pith comes out the side so that it does not bother the bottom of the bowl.
Photo: Stan Wellborn was not sure what his segment was about but he showed more traditional ways to get bowls out of a log.   Stan would show where in the log the bowl would be and in the circle below he would show the pattern in the bowl.
Photo: Then Stan would show a 3D example of the effect of cutting the bowl.
Photo: Here are all the main configurations of side grain bowls.
Photo: Burls grow out and cause bumps in the log and the nice, random pattern in the bowl.
Photo: Here Stan shows one other way to keep that crotch figure in your bowl(s).