MCW June '11 Demo
Jun 19, 2011Public
Photo: Clif Poodry started his Demonstration of Southwestern Open Forms by showing some examples of his work.
Photo: Here Clif compared side-grain with end-grain open forms.
Photo: This is a vessel he made two years ago in the duel with Ed Karch.
Photo: A form that was turned and then carved.
Photo: After showing examples with different ideas, it is time to think about your log...
Photo: ... and this one is a branch so the pith is off center.
Photo: The pith in this side-grain, so-called "double bullseye" piece can crack badly, so you want to avoid it or exploit it.
Photo: Here Clif shows a form he has rough turned and starts talking about hollowing techniques.
Photo: It is much easier to hollow by beginning with a drilled hole down the center.
Photo: Before Clif started hollowing the form, he put 2 pieces of tape on the tool rest to show where the outside edges of the bowl are. To make it easier for people to see, he will cut the sides down after he hollows the neck, but he will then keep the tool between the pieces of tape as he would have to for a long neck.
Photo: Clif started hollowing with bowl gouge...
Photo: ... and displayed that you will not be able to see inside so you will have to feel your way around inside.
Photo: Always wanting to dig into his tool bag, he shows another hollower.
Photo: Here Clif shows that he makes a ridge with a large-handled scraper-style hollower so that ...
Photo: ... he can get an easy starting spot for his even bigger bowl gouge.
Photo: As always, measure, measure, measure!
Photo: Here Clif demonstrates the Hamlet tool. He like this tool because ...
Photo: ... it cuts nice large chips.
Photo: He gave a talk about different hollowers, and here he explains his Hamlet hooded-ring tool, ...
Photo: ... and then how to sharpen the Hamlet cutter.
Photo: He stamps his own Velcro circles with a sharpened hole saw and shows off a homemade sandpaper holder.
Photo: Another homemade tool for sanding the inside of hollowed forms is a bent rod into a wine cork covered by Velcro hooks.
Photo: result of hollowing and sanding, with much of the neck removed
Photo: Clif changes sandpaper ...