MCW Apr. '15 Meeting
Apr 12, 2015Public
Photo: Phil Brown chats with demonstrator and friend Joe Dickey before the meeting.
Photo: Mike Colella does his tent thing to document our Show Tell & Ask pieces.  About to go in is Phil Brown's bowl destined for Beads of Courage.
Photo: Thanks to Jim Allison, who is truckin' tonight.
Photo: Here are some of our Show Tell & Ask pieces for tonight.  Three of these bowls are destined for the AAW Empty Bowls program.
Photo: Thanks to David Fry, the Silent Auction table has some copies of an exhibit catalog from the Fuller Craft Museum south of Boston.
Photo: New MCW Member Jordon Kitt donated these stopper blanks to the Silent Auction.
Photo: Our Turning Library contains these books that are available for checking out at every meeting.  Take a look next time and pick one to read.
Photo: Elliot Schantz helps videographer Matt Radtke set up the camera tripod.
Photo: Phil takes a look at the piece Paul Wodiska is checking in for Show Tell & Ask.
Photo: Members come early and have lots of good conversations before the business meeting begins.
Photo: Bill Long shares some thoughts with Joe Dickey.
Photo: President Gary Guenther works out the location for the mic stand with Matt.
Photo: The Business Meeting has begun, and Gary is working from notes on a paper decorated by his granddaughter.
Photo: OK, the "Guest" hanger is cheesy.  They're toast.  Thanks to guest Chris Lowry for wearing it without complaint, for introducing himself, and for joining our ranks as a New Member after the meeting.
Photo: New Member Mike Kuck introduced himself.
Photo: Secretary Jack Enders is taking notes like crazy.
Photo: Bob Anderson is ready to take notes on the demo.
Photo: Phil shows the lidded bowl that he is donating to our Beads of Courage program.
Photo: Bill holds the maple lid so we can see the pear bowl.  You have to feel this bowl to appreciate it fully.  It has Phil's standard epoxy finish, wet sanded with TY oil to make it smooth as a baby's butt.  Please cast your vote for the winner of the Battle of the Shirts!
Photo: Phil attended the Stoney Lamar exhibit at the Center for Art in Wood and brought one of Stoney's amazing sculptures to show us.
Photo: Surprise!  It's a box too!
Photo: Rebecca Meyerson brought a handful of pens that she's been making...
Photo: ...and this one made from Bethlehem olive wood.
Photo: William Flint shows the hollow form he's donating to Empty Bowls.