MCW October 08 Gallery
Oct 20, 2008Public
Photo: Ed Karch - cherry vessel (pod form) - 10"x7" - joint effort with Mark Wollschlager and Walter Fink at a Peter Hromek demo. Hollowed with an Ellsworth gouge in a long pipe handle. Tail carved, rim burned.
Photo: Stan Sherman - in progress glue up for a segmented vessel - holly, etc. ~10"x9"
Photo: Richard Webster - figured koa square platter - 10"
Photo: Gary Guenther - unfinished paela (chakta viga) square amethyst core holder (can also double as a tea candle) - 6"x6"x2"
Photo: Ed Karch - red maple "pottery or nottery" - burned, dyed, and coated with acrylic mosaic tile grout thinned with water - 7"x5"
Photo: Richard Webster - mulberry square, 4-footed bowl - 6"x6"x4"
Photo: Gary Guenther - four macacauba shawl pins laying on hand-knitted shawl - 7"x3/4" (1/4" shafts) finished with shellac and carnauba wax
Photo: MICHAEL BLAKE - Tool Handles left-to-right: 4" Finishing File (Pernambuco), Slotted Nut Driver (Padauk), 2 Modeling Tools (Thuya Burl, Brazilian Rosewood), Scratch Awl (Beeswing Narra), Modeling Tool Australian Blackwood,