MCW July '13 Meeting
Jul 19, 2013Public
Photo: Conversations around the Show & Tell table before the meeting begins.
Photo: President Tim Aley runs through the meeting agenda.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn discusses details regarding the MCW participation in the coming Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.
Photo: Beginning the Show & Tell period, Tim Aley shows his newly turned osage orange bowl. It has a masterful profile.
Photo: Bob Grudberg lights up as he describes his large cherry bowl.
Photo: Bob also turned this eye-catching natural-edge cherry bowl.
Photo: Bob also brought this nice little segmented mahogany vase that Tim is holding.
Photo: Bob Browning duplicated a shallow bowl like the one he made many years ago with the renowned Palmer Sharpless. He used a piece of the original "poplar" (tuliptree) wood he's been saving all these years.
Photo: Richard Webster brought a nice hackberry bowl with a unique shape.
Photo: Don Couchman brought this bocote cup...  [13.07]
Photo: and this cocobolo cup that he patched invisibly after a minor mishap, ...  [13.07]
Photo: and an interesting shallow mahogany bowl.  [13.07]
Photo: Duane Schmidt made a lovely pair of shallow, natural-edge bowls from the 200+ year old white oak from Tudor Place.
Photo: Gary Guenther prototyped procedures for making a sculptural tube and ended up with a wooden toilet paper roll. Perhaps some sawing or texturing might make something a little more interesting out of it.
Photo: Don Van Ryk has gotten into metal spinning with good results.
Photo: Don describes how the edge on this aluminum form gets crinkly, which makes for an interesting shape that can be kept as is, or trimmed.
Photo: Here's a cup form with the edge trimmed.
Photo: Don also turned a spalted holly gavel...
Photo: and presented it to Tim for opening the meetings.
Photo: Tim gets some practice.
Photo: Bill Long's daughter got this well-used and artistically-repaired family heirloom bowl for him on a trip to Pakistan.
Photo: Bill's wife, Laura, brought this artistic bowl, made with a number of dowel plugs of exotic woods, for him in Alaska.
Photo: Margaret Follas displays a lovely little holly box.
Photo: Michael Blake made one of his favorite things -- a tool handle.  This awl with its sapele handle...