MCW Aug '15 MoCo Ag Fair
Aug 24, 2015Public
Photo: Fair goers check out the booth.
Photo: Ladies day at the fair!
Photo: Carving on the turning side as well!
Photo: Jeff starting to hollow.
Photo: Bill and Jeff making chips!
Photo: Jeff spent the whole day turning!
Photo: Jeff works on the base.
Photo: Bill practicing safe seated turning!
Photo: Richard working on his bowls!
Photo: I think he is trying to hit me with chips!
Photo: Richard filling the tent with shavings.
Photo: Jim is working on a bowl!
Photo: Jim and Richard, side by side.
Photo: Jack doing spindle work!
Photo: Paul turning a top!
Photo: Magic wands!
Photo: Bob working the old timers theme with his "shaving horse".  Ist das nicht ein schnitzelbank?
Photo: Bob is shaving his horse?
Photo: Bob demos the pole lathe that he helped build!
Photo: How much for this?  What do you mean you don't sell anything?
Photo: Bert and Margaret sharing a carving joke.
Photo: Suzy and Dale focused on the carving.
Photo: Joe working on a carving, maybe the next purple ribbon?
Photo: John is shaping a turtle box!