MCW April '11 Meeting
Apr 23, 2011Public
Photo: An attentive group listens to Bert Bleckwenn and Don Van Ryk talk about the Wounded Warrior Program.
Photo: Bert making a point in the meeting.  In front of him are Allen Alexopulos' samples.
Photo: New member Barry Saltzman enjoys the meeting.
Photo: It was good to see Eliot Feldman at the meeting in his walking cast.
Photo: The silent auction table filled with many different shapes.
Photo: Here is your chance to practice turning some banksia pods.
Photo: Don Van Ryk discussing the Wounded Warrior program.
Photo: Steve DiBenedetto fans out his pens including his corn cob pen.
Photo: Steve shows his unfinished winged bowl and explains his difficulties making it.
Photo: Mike Colella displays his deep, end-grain vase.
Photo: Carl Powell reports on his find of low-cost carbide cutters from Capt. Eddie.
Photo: Stan Wellborn shows his practice with classic forms, but his most classic form ....
Photo: ...was what drew all the attention: the manzanita sphere that reminded everyone of a bowling ball.
Photo: Bill Long spent a lot of time in the shop this month. This bowl is from his experiment last month, and ...
Photo: ... he shows a mock up of how he plans to make a larger version.
Photo: Here Bill talks about what he learned about grain patterns and ...
Photo: ... the first bowl that he is ready to sign.
Photo: Eliot Feldman discusses what he learned about the "grain" direction and design of his two layered hollow forms.
Photo: Bill Autry talks about the finial from his paper towel holder, but what every turner first looks at ...
Photo: the bottom.
Photo: Terry Lamb compares his first goblet attempt with his second attempt.
Photo: Brent Clayton discusses how he turned the buttons, eyes, nose and arms on his snowman.
Photo: Mike Colella and Hal Burdette making sure all the items get the best possible shot.