2009-10-09-seafood chowder
Oct 30, 2009Public
Photo: Start mixing up those Onions...
Photo: Then put in the scallops.
Photo: Get the crab meat ready by cleaning it and putting on a plate in a mound.
Photo: Shrimp.
Photo: Testing the carrots.
Photo: Put in the carrots.
Photo: Pour in the Alfredo Sauce...
Photo: Add shrimp to the mix.
Photo: Theresa stirs things up.
Photo: Stirring in the pot...
Photo: Homemade on-the-spot- pot holder.
Photo: Down the hall to the Kitchen
Photo: Add Creamy Sauce mixture to the Pasta.
Photo: The Kings are cookin'!
Photo: Match Book Dunnigan Hills Chardonnay
Photo: fini - Seafood Chowder over Angel Hair Pasta.