pottery in the raw & bisque preglazed ceramic art 2008
Mar 26, 2008Public
Photo: tree candelabra : has 9 tapered flower buds for candles.
Photo: tree candelabra: seen here drying in the sunshine before going into the bisque kiln
Photo: wavy puzzle plates first 4 seen here bisqued and unglazed, they are carved and painted with colored clay under-slip.
Photo: large pot: the size to fit a chicken and vegetables, or chili for 9. I took a pic of it and its' stand, upside down in the back ground, as it was raw clay waiting to be bisque fired.
Photo: seven handled double spouted pitcher seen here bisque naked
Photo: I think this pitcher is for thick sauces, like salsa, chutney, pickle, cranberry or lime jello etc..
Photo: 7 handled 2 spouted pitcher bisque naked, detail of side
Photo: 'Paradox' as raw clay, I took photos because I wasn't sure if it would even survive the bisque firing :-P
Photo: Sometimes I like my work better as raw clay before it is fired. This one is actually an exception, it's very gray and dull in the raw clay.
Photo: the first kt-29 is front 'n center here unfired - it blew up in the bisque' kiln as is the fate of many bits of pottery over the centuries that never make it out of their raw clay stage :-)
Photo: this tea pot didn't make it. I threw it upside down and the inside of the base, that was the top of a closed carved form was not thick and compressed enough to handle the extra foot I threw on to it.
Photo: I decided to take these pics before I smashed it up and recycled the clay it was made of.
Photo: handle footed bowl /vase
Photo: handle footed vase or tall bowl -- perfect for hanging to dry or dumping bowl contents out of.
Photo: handle foot mug before glaze fire
It has a yet to be fired iron underglaze rubbed on bisque'
Photo: after glaze fire, you can see the iron rubbed in the carving through the clear green glaze.