monster behind the door - print series
Feb 13, 2008Public
Photo: Green door, actually the door to our art studio on the 4th floor, on 4th street in down town Portland 1993-4 before it was gentrified, yuppies and bis. people now inhabit this space.
Photo: paradox litho-print
Photo: paradox ; cut board plate
Photo: snake; original hand cut board plate
Photo: original cut board plates bound with copper rings into a "book"
The plates are double sided, slightly smaller then a quarter sheet of letter paper.
Photo: detail of one of the color etching prints from the original cut board plate
Photo: film of bottle and hand
Photo: a pile of litho film, I was done printing all 6 cases of paper, and I took a pic of the litho film in a pile as I was cleaning up all the process debris' packing to move
Photo: detail of a pile of the metal litho-offset plates
Photo: here is the cleaned Chief 17, the top drum seen here is for water and chemicals, they run against the plate drum and keep ink only on the lines of the plate below, where the paper is fed through.
Photo: when I say litho-offset I mean this press, a Chief 17, I did not learn lithography on lime stone, I learned to print those colorful posters one would see in the 60-80s photo processed drawings burnt onto an aluminum litho-plate.
Photo: pencil drawing for falling prints 8.5 x 11"
Photo: falling up litho-print
Photo: window : one of the few photos I took of the studio space that helped to change the direction of my life. Three artist, rented the entire 4th floor, except for the front room street side, that space belonged to an ad hoc recording studio.
Photo: valley; original hand cut board plate, this plate had a drastic transformation. I was sick with cancer and didn't know it yet, so the next version is the same valley flooded with an army of arachnids.
Photo: arachnid valley: I believe the arachnids represent an army of white blood cells, they fight an invasion of necrotic mold like cancer cells.
Photo: isolation; original hand cut board plate
Photo: isolation : litho-offset print, four plates of red, yellow, blue and white ink on blue paper.
Photo: guardian: original hand cut board plate
Photo: tree, cut board plate
Photo: litho-offset tree print