prints 1994 - 2001
Feb 2, 2008Public
Photo: monotype - ink painting based on a scene from Super 8 mm movie portrait
Photo: photo etching
Photo: modified digital photo used to make photo etching
Photo: detail from the green photo etching print
Photo: falling - April 2001 - this is a mono-type and while I like the watery effect I'm thinking I need the tidy lines of etchings, this series is washed out looking, looks more like a drowning then falling.
Photo: the original ink drawing for 'car person' 1994
Photo: Original 1994 'monster behind the door' cut board plates
Photo: An etching of my trade mark, I use this mark in a signature form on my art work. It is my "brand name". It has been registered with the state of WA, in 2001 with my business. It also has been submitted to the US Copyright office in 1999 with a screen play for a feature film.
Photo: detail of the character 'Wrath' from the original 'monster behind the door' cut board plates
Photo: color etching Mr. Bird 2001, 1 of 3 prints
(This is the 3rd series featuring the Mr. Bird character)
Photo: color etching "Mr. Bird" print 3 of 3 ghost 2001
Photo: 12th proof of an etching plate I was working on in 1991
Photo: of the color relief prints (hand painted single impression etchings) this Alizarin crimson and graphite print is my favorite ink color combination  1991 . I also have written, submitted and received very nice rejection letters for a series bible for a TV show, with the title Fate's Teeth - it is not a coincidence, this plate it the title page to a very surreal story about star crossed lovers who meet on the dream plane and are attempting to flee and hide from a court of fates.
Photo: detail from color relief etching 'dream tides' 1995
Photo: detail of etching 'dream tides' 1995
Photo: Dream Tides, the moon's dream - color relief etching 1991
Photo: dog-less-crumb etching 1991 - ( I need to find and re-photograph these now that I have a decent digital camera :)