ceramic artwork July & August 2008
Aug 30, 2008Public
Photo: vine flower pot / vase, with 7 feet
Photo: (top) of flower pot
Photo: foot of flower pot / vase
Photo: handle footed mug
Photo: view of feet / handles or handle footed mug :-)
Photo: twisted footed mug with clear iron glaze
Photo: twisted footed mug
Photo: handle footed cup
Photo: the 5 tiny feet of the handle footed cup
Photo: Be taking the top of the candelabra out of the raku kiln
Photo: this is right where I burned the hair off my arm as I was moving this piece to the burning container.. frick! that was hot! why do I keep doing this raku stuff again ? :)
Photo: Here I'm placing the 19" tall tree candelabra into a can of burning paper and sawdust
Photo: the 3 candle torch set on the ground separately from the 9 candle holding tree
Photo: tree removed from the ashes, cooling near many other beautiful raku pots made by other ceramic artist at www.mudfire.com in Decatur, GA
Photo: "nice doggie" .. out of the bisque' she is made of red clay, and hasn't been glazed yet in this pic
Photo: large twisted bowl with feet and clear glaze
Photo: bowl with feet black, iron red and green glaze stripes
Photo: inside of large twisted bowl