last of Be's 2008 ceramic art
Jan 31, 2009Public
Photo: wheel thrown - twisted table attempt #1
Photo: ceramic table - 18" h x 12" w
Photo: for scale, table is set by couch with my coffee set on it.
Photo: I doodle a lot of tiny scribbles - this one was the idea for the ceramic stand
Photo: 23" of wet clay shrunk to just over 18" fired, I think this doodle is funny because it's about an altered plan
Photo: "Hobit" soup mug, 1/6 glaze test mugs 5" h x 7.25" w
Photo: the brown glaze is one version of my ochre glaze
Photo: twisted mug with spiral thumb rest and 11 feet
Photo: ode to Jackson Pollack beer stein - 5.75" tall
Photo: there are two of my test glazes splattered on this, the other 5 glazes are mudfire studio glazes.
Photo: stein has 12 feet
Photo: normal mug - a glaze test for finger painting a couple of my  spotted glazes.
Photo: if you wondered "normal" mug is a joke, there are a lot of terms one could use to describe a thing but, I don't believe there is any such thing as normal
Photo: spiked flower mug
Photo: the spikes are at lip level outside of high ridges in the lip, the spikes are to guide a person drinking from this mug away from dribble
Photo: beverage defender mug
Photo: the spikes have nothing at all to do with dribbling here - this is my favorite 12-009 mug
Photo: vase scketch as a goal to make in 009