some old photos
Jan 15, 2008Public
Photo: warrenzh's drawing tried on his first smartphone, moto xt788.
Photo: warrenzh 朱楚甲's works: his sketch during hometown tour, ie. in Harbin hotel near railway station.
Photo: mom bathing me.
Photo: mom,hold my arm firmer.
Photo: play with water.
Photo: bump water
Photo: mop is great to ignite water pool.
Photo: baby reviewed.
Photo: what did u say?
Photo: baby in basin.
Photo: what into the heaven.
Photo: mom,what did u say?
Photo: u-oo--
Photo: half nuked
Photo: i m in reckon
Photo: tittot.
Photo: new year's eve in grandma's home.
Photo: what did u say?
Photo: within my sphere,i m clear in my possession.
Photo: with candies with the world.
Photo: i didn't care mother's camera.
Photo: two or victory?
Photo: we r one.
Photo: taming dad.