South America 4
Jun 29, 2013Public
Photo: Going in for the kill.......
Photo: The start of the dance.....
Photo: Leaf cutter ants on a lovely sunny day
Photo: The local butcher!
Photo: Local Peruvian Ladies at the market
Photo: Black corn?
Photo: Lady selling her wares  at the market
Photo: Kids playing skittles with old cans
Photo: The local casino
Photo: The central plaza, Lima
Photo: Lots of military presence in Lima
Photo: Christine in full swing with the village chief......!!!!
Photo: Loading the blowgun ready for the contest
Photo: Villager laughing at Darryl's blowgun shots
Photo: Christine blows hard!
Photo: Take aim.....FIRE!
Photo: Great shot!
Photo: Christine donates her treasured pink scarf to a local child....
Photo: Tiny beetle hiding under the stem
Photo: Look at the size of his antenae
Photo: No idea what this is!!!
Photo: Birds asleep in a nest
Photo: The guide spotted this insect, he wasn´t sure what it was!!!
Photo: These colourful caterpillars will one day become beautiful blue butterflies