Asia 2
Nov 16, 2013Public
Photo: We are all good friends
Photo: A tricky piece
Photo: Leave some for me, I'm on my way
Photo: Nearly there
Photo: Just one more piece
Photo: What a funny looking panda
Photo: If your having your picture taken, I want mine!
Photo: Was it something I said?
Photo: Starting to feel stuffed
Photo: 'fangs' for watching me
Photo: Surely they can't spot me here
Photo: Mmmmm... another sick of bamboo
Photo: Bug
Photo: Teeny weeny baby pandas
Photo: So cute
Photo: Yes .... believe it!
Photo: Feathered friend
Photo: Pandas are lazy
Photo: A teenager up to no good
Photo: Sleeping in trees ... No problem
Photo: The black paint is starting to wear off in places
Photo: Oh no, they've seen me!
Photo: I'm a red panda
Photo: Guess what I like to eat?