South America 3
Feb 20, 2015Public
Photo: Tree cutter ants, collecting leaves to make compost!
Photo: This ant was a real giant!
Photo: Not sure what these fruit were, does anyone know?
Photo: This tree had interesting leaves that look great against the white clouds
Photo: Look at the detail on this dragonfly's wings
Photo: This is the huge compost heap the tree cutter ants made.......great team work!
Photo: A beautiful butterfly
Photo: Clever photography shows the last red fruit on the tree
Photo: Artistic shot of this lovely plant deep in the jungle
Photo: This plant was really strange.....
Photo: Pipeline Road, famous for bird watching, but boy did it rain!
Photo: Birds nests hang from the trees forming teardrop shapes
Photo: We saw 10 varieties of humming birds, the photo is blurred as they flap their wings soooo fast!
Photo: Trying to spot the elusive harpy eagle, Panama's national emblem
Photo: Giant moth that landed on Darryl's jumper.....HELP!!!
Photo: Following a jungle trail, Pipeline Road
Photo: Cute frog that lept out on to the path, great camoflage amongst the leaves
Photo: Pretty beetle issues a warning with his yellow stripes
Photo: Sitting outside a local house waiting for their fresh pineapple yoghurt...yummy!
Photo: A small local garden full in interesting trees and plants
Photo: If anyone likes purple, then plant one of these beautiful trees
Photo: View from Luna's Castle, the hostel where we stayed in Panama City
Photo: The run down area of Casco Viejo, Panama City
Photo: The restored buildings of Casco Viejo, a UNESCO area