Asia 1
Jul 9, 2013Public
Photo: Our view in Istanbul
Photo: Beautiful tower, climb it?
Photo: Little old lady feeding pigeons
Photo: Booths selling pigeon food! Great....
Photo: Happy to be so close to nature
Photo: Hmmm, which way now?
Photo: A picturesque graveyard
Photo: check out the intricate carving
Photo: Mosques everywhere!
Photo: The famous Blue Mosque
Photo: We read this sign as, free KFC - enter here
Photo: The Blue Mosque domimates the skyline
Photo: Plates of all colours
Photo: Looking around the Grand Bazar
Photo: Beautiful lanterns up for sale
Photo: Intricate mosaic of many different colours
Photo: Spicy!
Photo: Beautifully decorated halls
Photo: One of the many entrance gates
Photo: For sale on the street
Photo: lanterns make such a pretty picture
Photo: Blue Mosque... with trees
Photo: Who is that spoiling the scene?
Photo: The Blue Mosque - beautiful!