South America 1
Feb 20, 2015Public
Photo: Real cute....
Photo: Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Photo: View from up high
Photo: WOW! That's a lot of water!
Photo: Getting close to the action
Photo: Spot the beautiful butterfly
Photo: Has someone taken a bite.....
Photo: Don't get too close!
Photo: Clinging to the rocks like bats.....but birds?!?!
Photo: Enjoying a walk in the park
Photo: Rafting in the rapids
Photo: What a beautiful bird
Photo: A very old battleship
Photo: What a magnificent painting
Photo: At the circus
Photo: Eating out Argentina style...STEAK and RED WINE!
Photo: Trying to learn salsa
Photo: Who's that dancin' with my's our friend David
Photo: Making a dash for it
Photo: Mariel takes us to visit Argentinian national radio
Photo: Little drummer boy and friends
Photo: Showing the locals how to tango!
Photo: Just when you thought the world was a big place, we bump into our local school!!!
Photo: The Pink Palace, Buenos Aires