French Canals 2
Jun 29, 2013Public
Photo: ...and our favourite! Trees a crowd...
Photo: Party like you've never partied before... French styleeee!
Photo: What a great fireplace.... on a boat!
Photo: Christmas decorations.....on a boat!!!
Photo: I laughed so much, I nearly cried!
Photo: Puppy love!
Photo: He ain't heavy...he's a puppy!!!
Photo: Full speed ahead to make Aigue Morte before dark
Photo: On reflection, it was a calm day on the canal
Photo: Sunset as we approach Aigue Morte
Photo: Another lovely photo!
Photo: Six o'clock wake up on the decks! Brrrr
Photo: The swinging bridge opens at Grau du Roi as we pass a British barge we had met in St Gilles
Photo: Fishing boat and a very pretty building
Photo: Entering the Mediterranean sea for the first time in Vengara! Yipee!
Photo: Sunrise over Grau du Roi....look at those lovely clouds
Photo: Freezing...
Photo: What a beautiful day... a sailing boat once again, thanks to Port Camargue
Photo: An early start, sunrise at Port Camargue, one of the largest marinas in the world
Photo: Steering for Port St Louis...
Photo: Sailing along nicely...what a breeze!
Photo: Yikes it's getting windy and rough...I think I'll stick my tongue out!
Photo: Getting dark as we enter Port St Louis to play chicken with 300,000 tonne tankers..... in the dark!
Photo: The morning after a long day at sea.  The river Rhone just before it enters the sea