Feb 20, 2015Public
Photo: Leaving St Lucia.......Destination Martinique
Photo: Chillin'
Photo: Rodney Bay, St Lucia
Photo: Some of the local homes on the beach
Photo: Pirates of the Caribbean ship at anchor
Photo: Sunrise in the bay
Photo: Smile...
Photo: Arrival at Martinique
Photo: Our other yacht...?!?!
Photo: What happens in hurricane season...ship wrecked!!!
Photo: Local fishing boats in Martinique
Photo: Wow, what a great tree and a beautiful garden!
Photo: Colourful scene painted by the local children
Photo: Mangrove crab
Photo: Taking a dive?!?!
Photo: Ever seen a yellow crab?
Photo: Local kids going sailing
Photo: Pretty pink leaves, or are they petals???
Photo: It is rainy season after all!
Photo: Diamond rock in the distance
Photo: Sailing towards Bonaire, only 500 miles to go!
Photo: Christine happy to be sailing....
Photo: Trying desperately to catch the BIG ONE....but caught nothing!
Photo: Sun goes down on our first night at sea