South America 2
Feb 20, 2015Public
Photo: ... can you see their MP3 player!!!
Photo: Cusco
Photo: One of the Monastaries in Cusco
Photo: Painting on a wall
Photo: The Inti Raymi procession arrives over the ill at Sacsaywamen ..
Photo: .. and they keep on coming ...
Photo: .. more and more ...
Photo: The Inca King has arrived
Photo: .. and his men follow ..
Photo: The locals make a dash through the barriers so as not to miss the performance
Photo: The King drinks to the Pachamama
Photo: The sacrafice of a llama is made
Photo: Should the local children be using the ancient monument as a slide????
Photo: A posh dinner in Puno
Photo: This boat was shipped over piece by piece from England ... it took about 8 years!
Photo: The Floating Islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca
Photo: Beautiful handmade reed boat on Lake Titicaca
Photo: Local lady ensures the boat is tied up well
Photo: A demonstration on how the islands are created
Photo: Cooking ... watch out for flying sparks on all those dry reeds!