IWMC 2008 Dads Day Poker Run
Jun 21, 2008Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Poker Run or Cannon Ball Run ?
Photo: The second group of riders are waiting their turn to hit the road
Photo: Members of other locals and trades came out to show their support
Photo: The pit crew is ready and standing by in case some one should have machanical trouble along the way
Photo: Oh No!
Photo: Rider Down
Photo: IWMC to the rescue
Photo: The accedent happend just as the second group caught up to the first
Photo: The saddle bag relay kept a lot of damage from happing to her bike
Photo: All the cops seemed to be interested in was license and registration
Photo: Iron Workers Local #5 were on the seen directing traffic
Photo: Don't Know how exactly the accident happened, But this rider from NJ had a bad start to what was supposed to be a good day
Photo: chase vehicles follow the first group as they make their way to the next stop
Photo: Traffic slows to a crawl as the rubberneckers try to see what happend
Photo: Lots of road rash and a bum leg earned this young lady a trip to the ER
Photo: Her motor bike made out better then she did, there sure must be a lot of numbers on that license plate -  that cop has been standing there writing for a while now
Photo: More riders from the second group arrive on the scene