2011 OSCF Oregon All Stars
Oct 15, 2011Public
Photo: Reviewing their opening prep before the first round?
Photo: Sean Uan-Zo-Li and Ethan Allison warming up for the tournament
Photo: Tim Cousineau
Photo: Rising Stars, seciton J
Ella Flett finishes castling in her second round game against Ethan Booth, who looks more interested in Mcya Allyn in her game with Kai Schlegelmann
Photo: A sleepy Ella Flett calculates her response to Ethan's knight move.
Photo: Mcya Allyn mourning the loss of her rook on h8.
Photo: Adam Strand (left) alertly scans the possibilities in his second round game against Tim Cousineau, while JJ Newman records his move in Rising Stars, section J.
Photo: Rhusha Arramreddy, poised to capture the pesky night (Rising Stars, Section I)
Photo: Bright Stars, section E: Seventh grader James Chen surrounded by high school players. Left side, front to back: Kevin Rhine, James Chen, Ian Dickson, Luke Hutchinson. Right side, front to back: Peter Kleier, Alex Petersen, Zach Koontz, Varun Sah
Photo: Craig Still moves out of check in Bright Stars, Section F.
Photo: Ethan Allison, Bright Stars, Section D eyes his contemplates what to do with his rook on the nice open c-file. Ethan has been a strong presence in USCF events all over the state, but this was his first NWSRS event. He debuts at 1433.
Photo: Jacob Moch, Bright Stars Section F, a HS senior and long-time member of the strong Pleasant Hill team
Photo: Natasha Keller, Tualitin senior, deflects Leo Sun's attack in the first round.
Photo: Praveer Sharan, the youngest player (by several years) in Bright Stars, section D, but Praveer is fearless and exceptionally experienced. He ended up tying for third out of fourteen.
Photo: Kevin Rhine, Clackamas HS, in the Bright Stars section E
Photo: Leo Sun, 4th grader at Hoover Elementary in Corvallis. A majority of players in Bright Stars Section E were HS players, but Leo was joined by strong fellow elementary school players from Portland, Marshal Xu (Forest Park Elementary) and Colin Liu (Jacob Wismer Elementary).
Photo: Seth Talyansky is the newest member of the 1400+ club by virtue of awesome play over the summer. He had the lowest NWSRS rating  but ended up tying for first.
Photo: Cameron Kocher, 8th grader at traditional chess powerhouse Whitford Middle School playing in the Super Stars, section C.
Photo: One of the top scholastic players in the state, sixth grader Max Sun contemplating how to finish the win against his first round opponent, Ashwin Sah.
Photo: Jonathan Yau at a critical point in his first round game in the Super Stars B section.
Photo: Ashwin Sah, Super Stars section A
Photo: Ben Pikus, Super Stars, section A
Photo: Valentin Molchanov wondering how to save his first round game against Elena Allen in Super Stars, section C.