The Tiffin's Dishes
Nov 21, 2013Public
Photo: Good morning everyone! We're going to be tempting you all week long with authentic Burmese dishes from the Tiffin Box menu. To start, here are two favourite appetizers: Myanmar Tomato Salad and Lentil Soup.
Photo: Who knows the name of this delicious Indonesian dish? That's right! It's nasi goreng, and it's one of the Asian flavours featured at our Tiffin Box Restaurant. Hit "like" if you've sampled a good plate of nasi goreng!
Photo: A delicious way to end the work week, here's our Chinese Szechuan Chicken, served with steamed rice fresh from the Tiffin Box kitchen!

Photo credit: JPKphoto
Photo: This Burmese-inspired dish is a mix of mouton, spices and curry paste. At the Tiffin Box restaurant of our best hotel in Bagan, the mouton curry comes with a handful of vegetables, pickles, chutneys and dips. Yummy! #besthotelbagan #burmesecurry